Loskop: A Relaxed, Family Dam-Side Nature Retreat

Loskop is the sure promise of a dam-side retreat far removed from the hustle and bustle of town and city life. It is the calm ride crisscrossing the length of the 27km long dam, with the often spotting of hippo and the chirping and whistles of a variety of birds including top predator birds like the fish eagle. It is the promise of a getaway in the heart of a protected nature reserve in the relaxing and picturesque Cultural Heartland of Mpumalanga, situated 55km north of Middelburg.

Time to set up your fishing rod at Loskop Dam.

How many bushveld safaris promise one the more than once sighting of abundant and varied birdlife on a tranquil and relaxing boat ride? Very few! There is the abundance of over 70 mammal species at the nature reserve. Ranging from the bossy and endangered white rhino to the collectively aggressive and feared buffalo and the solitude-seeking beauty of the African veld, the leopard.

With no natural predators, tourists can easily see oribi, our foray into the interior of the veld, aided by an experienced and very friendly guide, afforded us a rare moment where we were able to see a female oribi and her young.

Sable antelope gallop proudly across these beautiful and bounteous plains as well, welcoming keen eyes. Along with eland, the larger than life hippo, the reclusive warthog and the largely care free giraffe.

Loskop offers the whole family the chance to view special species like Shelley’s Francolin, fish eagle and the Stripped Pipit among many others. The area has extensive grass and wooded land habitats that surround the dam making it a lovely place of residence for various bird species.

An extensive variety of more active water based activities is also widely offered, like jetskiing and water skiing offering a true break for the entire family. Fishing is a major tourist attraction in the reserve and every year more than 1500 keen anglers flock to the dam to take part in the Light Tackle Boat fishing competition.

Take a break and have a nap next to a waterfall at the Loskop Dam.

The chance at a big catch is a big drawcard at these events, this is widely known and is also widely encouraged by the various lodges that house the multitude of visitors.

Loskop Dam boasts a variety of accommodation options, from family friendly economy packages ranging from camping to self-catering, to more exclusive, luxury options.

We retreat, thoroughly having enjoyed the day’s exertions. Wine sits atop our table as the sun sets on a beautiful day, in an exceptional area in Mpumalanga.

Here are a few suggestions for family-friendly accommodation:

Loskop Dam
A Forever Resort
013 262 3075

Kranskloof Lodge
072 806 2798/079 422 9741

BushDoor Retreat
082 667 9341


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