Kuzuri: Rare Views, Fine Food and a World Beating Water Feature

Kuzuri stands on the stoep of the Lowveld National Botanical Gardens, and thoroughly puts to use this unbelievable advantage.

Entering the parking area one gets the feeling that Kuzuri is carved straight out of the trees, it’s existence is so seamless, beautifully blending in with the established and well protected Botanical Gardens area. There are many fine restaurants in Mpumalanga, for the keen food lover to experience but this is what sets Kuzuri apart.

Natural tones in décor, minimal lighting features, the extensive use of fine wood and a thatched roof compound the natural feel of the place. It opens up wide and allows the sunlight to illuminate it, the lush green foliage soaks up most of the sunlight, what remains is the graceful glow of the sun’s corona, allowing the ambience to be set.

The waterfall hums in the background, but the biggest gem in the crown is the first of its kind water feature. This is one aspect that is a total must see!

The water feature is made of the semi-precious rock verdite, this rock is found nowhere else in South Africa but in the hills of Mpumalanga. It’s a beautiful metallic green colour, with each tile said to be hand cut and carved from the precious verdite stone. The water feature’s value is enriched by the fact that verdite is the oldest known rock in the world. A view of this one of a kind water feature is a serious must see for any visitor to this culinary establishment.

Not only is Kuzuri a fine restaurant but it also opens up for the booking of its venue for various private events.

The water feature is made of the semi-precious rock verdite, this rock is found nowhere else in South Africa but in the hills of Mpumalanga.

Our friendly and attentive waitress signals that our meal is ready. Our halloumi wrap comes fattened with grilled vegetables and avocado, it is beautifully gluttonous and rests next to a generous serving of chips and a fresh and crispy green salad of olives, feta, lettuce and juicy baby tomato. The only thing in competition with Kuzuri’s view and water feature, most visitors will concur, is its fine food!

As the sun slowly falls away to give chance to the moon, oil lanterns come out, gently shining. Every lantern’s glow is reflected by the extensive wine collection on the wall, the waterfall behind us has gone to sleep to allow the choir of crickets and frogs a chance at Kuzuri’s performative spotlight, they too don’t disappoint.

Kuzuri has marked itself as a must-see establishment, not only for it’s fine food and rare views but because it is one of the few establishments in Mpumalanga and indeed South Africa that has thoroughly come to understand that visitors and frequent patrons want a thorough immersion of splendid experiences.

To find out more and make bookings at Kuzuri go to www.kuzuri.co.za or contact them on 013 757 0907.


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