Mpumalanga’s Winter Culinary Cures

Winter has lay its icy hands on the whole of South Africa, and has rightly left us all scouring for the warm blankets. But perhaps the best way to kill the winter frost is beyond the comfort of one’s blankets or bedding.

Mpumalanga enjoys a vast and varied landscape. From the sheep producing Highveld to the Lowveld’s greenery and abundant supply of vegetables, and fruits. Undoubtedly, the best way to cure the winter blues is a warm and hearty meal in the heart of where good food grows under the watchful view of the genial South African sun.

Nothing warms one up than the smell and sounds of a bustling grill house and pizzeria. Middelburg’s favourite place, Ginelli’s, boasts a wood fired oven. This is where the unbelievable rack of lamb was prepared, mouth watery tender, falling off the bone. The pizza was too much of a temptation, and we unashamedly gave in, with the meatball Mexicana, topped with meatballs or mince, peppers and onions.

Ginelli’s is a lovely place, boasting contemporary Italian charm and an amazing wine selection that adds depth to its wide array of taste experience.

Moving closer to the warm Lowveld, Milly’s is located on the N4 highway in Machadodorp. This establishment boasts a convenience garage, a bakery and the very famous Milly’s trout stall.

Milly’s menu offers the famous smoked trout pie, arguably the leading cause for Milly’s current fame and development. It is served with fresh chips or a salad and a side of mushroom sauce. Enjoying this dish over the view of the dam and mountains is a necessary experience. Milly’s and all the other restaurants prove without a doubt that it is this province that has the cure for Winter’s blues.

Another eatery one absolutely has to experience is Gumtreez, at the picturesque Casterbridge Lifestyle centre in White River.

The establishment serves a local favourite – Sabie Valley coffees as well as breakfast and teatime treats. A traditional pub area with Bar and Captain’s tables serves a full range of drinks with the coldest, freshest Draught Beer in the Lowveld.

Orange’s pork belly roll squeaks with explosive flavours. Beautifully glazed in a honey gravy, stuffed with an array of herbs, and resting in a sweet delicious gravy.

Menus are based on good home cooking and South African favourites and one ought to taste Gumtrees’ steak. Generously grilled with salt and pepper, served with blue cheese and abundantly fresh stir-fry.

Arguably, the finest restaurant in Mpumalanga, Orange has received an exquisite revamp that has made this fancy and upmarket restaurant even more attractive. Its allure emanates from its position, lording over Nelspruit from its location, perched above Mbombela, allowing sweeping panoramic views that add to the beauty of its nuanced setting.

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You do not have to leave Mpumalanga, rest awhile in its numerous accommodation options, very close to Mbombela’s city centre, featuring a range of options.


Ginelli’s 013 282 8181
Milly’s 013 256 0718 or
Gumtreez Pub and Grill 013 750 0334 or
Orange 013 744 9507 or


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