Music Garden: A Music and Goods Festival

Mpumalanga has a youthful bounce in it’s step, a swagger inspired by the beat of the province and the city, Mbombela. This beat emanates from the heart of Mbombela’s best music festival. A festival every visitor needs to be a part of!

Mpuyami, which stands for Mpumalanga Youth Amplification Initiative or even “Mpumalanga Yami”, which means “My Mpumalanga” is the youth initiative that runs one of the most anticipated and most well organised music festivals in the country. The initiatives product, Music Garden is a music festival in Mbombela that draws on people from all over the province and even from places like Johannesburg, a great feat considering the breadth of established music and craft events in South Africa’s most populous city.

The big draw card is the event’s focus on local talent and most local artists have taken well to the vision – resulting in a packed musical line-up from the morning right up into late in the evening. The initiative draws South African musical talents like the local hip hop group Mono Ink Cats and the immensely talented Anerah Yasole among many others.

Mpuyami has scored a major coup this time around – it has been able to get the newly built University of Mpumalanga to partner with them. The university’s grounds are buzzing! Tantalizing smells dance in the air, a sizeable crowd has already arrived, the music is on, the Music Garden is in full swing.

Mpuyami is a giant taking on its infant steps, a team steadily looking to build a tsunami-movement that looks to sweep away it’s much fancied competitors across the country. The support the initiative enjoys is phenomenal, there is a true sense that Mpuyami and the Music Garden is a “thing of the people”.

The youth movement was, “…established by four young entrepreneurs and musicians who were tired of local artists being left out of major events,” according to one of the founders, Kabelo Matsane. The plan is organic growth, using people’s love for music, good food, crafts, fashion and of course, spaces that allow for the genial get together.

Mpumalanga does not lack suitable accommodation options, and any visitor will be well catered for, whether looking for budget friendly options, or for those of more luxurious tastes. Mbombela is no different.

The Music Garden has evolved from a small musical affair, a sort of music picnic to a huge note on the annual calendar that occurs five times a year. It now boasts quad biking, horse riding and a paintball shooting range among other activities.

It is a necessary experience for any tourist visiting the province, for the beat of the province rests on the drumbeat of Mbombela’s Music Garden.


Kabelo Matsane 073 216 8652


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