Top 5 worthy charities in Mpumalanga

Top 5 worthy charities in Mpumalanga

There are millions of people in need all over the world. Poverty and starvation are a leading cause of various disasters that are currently occurring. It is important for a number of people to make a difference by donating goods or time to a charitable organization. Whilst there are many organizations who would gladly accept any form of donation, it is important to know that your donation will be utilized for what it was intended to. When visiting Mpumalanga, visit the following worthy charities and see how you can make a difference.



Make a real difference by supporting the top 5 charities in Mpumalanga and bring a smile to a child’s face.

  1. Care for Wild rhino sanctuary

This rehabilitation centre for rhinos is one of the largest sanctuaries in the world. Orphaned rhinos who were either abandoned, injured or lost their mother’s due to poaching are loved and cared for at the sanctuary by a highly skilled team of nutritionists, ecologists and other contributors. By doing so, the team wishes to save both black and white rhinos from extinction. Once rehabilitated, the rhinos are released back into the wild.


  1. SPCA

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) was established in 1950 with the aim of taking care of animals both physically and mentally. At the Witbank SPCA, there is a number of dedicated staff members, volunteers and animal lovers whose primary goal is to look after animals such as dogs, cats, birds, horses and any other animal on the planet that needs to be rescued. Animals are fed, given necessary veterinary support and groomed to hopefully be placed in a loving home. The prime goal of the organization is to put an end to animal cruelty.

  1. GRIP

Statistics show that Mpumalanga has the highest number of people living with HIV and AIDS. GRIP was established in 2000 with the aim to assist women and children who are victims of gender based violence and prioritization. The professional team assists survivors with services such as adequate forensic data collection, barrier free point of first contacts and timeous administration of the PEP treatment amongst others. They work hand-in-hand with various government departments and the police.

  1. Topsy Foundation

The Topsy Foundation aims to support and strengthen families in the rural areas. The foundation focuses on offering families, especially those in the forgotten areas of the province necessary support and social services. They care for orphaned and vulnerable kids by providing meals, medical support, psycho social support, physical, educational and spiritual support.

5.    Masoyi Special Care Centre

Situated in the heart of Mpumalanga, the Masoyi Special Care Centre trains caretakers to assist orphans and the disabled. Their primary goal is to help those living in the rural areas who cannot take care of themselves. They also assist with basic household chores such as cooking, cleaning, collecting water and firewood, washing clothes and bathing the ill or elderly. The caregivers also dedicate their time to educating the communities about health issues.

















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