Make a splash in Mpumalanga

Living inland can make it difficult for one to go diving on a regular basis. Whilst Mpumalanga is home to many other great activities such as game driving, mountain climbing, skydiving and hiking, there are plenty of diving enthusiasts looking to make a splash.

Whether you are an experienced diver or a beginner, Komati Springs is the perfect place to go for a weekend diving trip. The scenic beauty of the area is unsurpassed as it is located right next to the Nkomazi Game Reserve. An electric fence keeps wild animals such as lions and elephants at bay whilst divers can camp or stay in the guest house.

Komati Springs is 92kms from Mbombela and features a 54-meter open hole with a network flooded tunnels. “Bakgat” as it is informally called used to be a mine shaft that was closed in 1972. Soon afterwards, the groundwater started to fill the mine shaft. Today, these tunnels offer diving enthusiasts the opportunity to learn how to dive and to become technical divers.  Komati Springs is one of only a few places in South Africa where you can get this qualification.

The water at Komati Springs makes this the ideal site for diving as opposed to learning to dive in the ocean. Of course, when learning to dive in the ocean it can be tricky since the weather may change suddenly and it’s not pleasant to accidentally swallow salt water. At Komati Springs, the fresh water is always calm and stays at a moderate temperature. There are no sharks (still, don’t watch Jaws the night before) and the current will not attempt to sweep you away from the safety of your diving instructor. Phew!


Komati Springs has a dive centre in case you should lose a fin and also sells triple filtered gas (argon, helium, air and nitrox). The owners themselves are experienced divers and offer friendly advice and tips.

Should you want to come up for some “fresh” air, be sure to look at the abundant bird species found on site. There are about 250 different birds that live in the surrounding grasslands. Marvel at the beautiful Makhonjwa Mountains that surround the dive site. These are some of the oldest mountains in the world and date back to 3.4 billion years. The area is well known for its geological discoveries.

Remember to bring your underwater camera in case you see the underwater swan. This is a statue of a swan that found her way to the bottom and often gives divers a fright when they stumble onto her.

Take up diving today by contacting Komati Springs and Blue Wave Scuba Diving Centre in Mbombela.



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