Gift ideas for loved ones when visiting Mpumalanga

Visiting beautiful Mpumalanga is a once in a lifetime experience and should feature high on one’s bucket list. With so much to do and wonderful things to see, it is always nice to want to share your fond memories with loved ones back home. This is normally done by purchasing a unique gift that goes with a mind blowing story of your travel to Mpumalanga.

There is no shortage of unique and special gifts one can buy when visiting Mpumalanga and take home for loved ones. Here is a list of the best gifts that comes highly recommended:

1. What to get for friends

Mpumalanga is well known for its beautiful locally made arts and crafts. A beautiful papermache bowl decorated with Pilchard’s tin labels is a very unique gift that is also practical. It is important to buy gifts that the recipient can use in their home and not something that will gather dust in a cupboard. Plastic bags are recycled to make beautiful crafts such as jewelry items or home décor items that will impress.

2. What to get for your best friend

Show your BFF how much you missed them by bringing them a very special gift from your travels to Mpumalanga. Local artisans are extremely skilled at making traditional African bead jewelry by hand. Choose from a colourful pair of earrings, a necklace or bracelet.




3. What to buy for your mother

Spoil your mother with a pampering package consisting of uniquely African Rooibos tea lotions, facial masks and cleansers. These products will moisturize your skin and make you feel good the whole day.

4. Spoil the children

Children will love plush toy animals from the Kruger National Park. A wide selection of plush toys such as giraffes, hippopotamuses, lions and many more is available at the various curio shops at the camp sites.

5. For the special person in your life

In case, the man or woman in your life had to stay behind and could not join you on this wonderful trip, be sure to buy some special liqueur made from Marula fruit for them. This liqueur is very popular and is great with crushed ice or served over a dessert.

6. What to get for colleagues

Surely everyone back at the office will want something when you return from your trip. Be sure to buy some traditional biltong or dry wors at an airport duty free store. You will be a hit with your colleagues and boss.



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